moments in the mommyhood - deck luv

we've been having a bit of a stressful week, so to take some much needed r&r, mackenzie and i have been having fun gardening on the deck and taking care of all of our plants - or "babies" as we call them. we also recently got a new love seat out there that took me almost a year to find. i was looking for something much more modern, but could never find a love seat that came without a whole set that was cheaper than $200. it also had to be deep and have a super thick, soft cushion.

we grabbed this one the other weekend at canadian tire for the steal price of $50! a very nice employee found it in their back storage area just begging to be taken home by us! it's super deep, the perfect width and the best part is, mack and i can both comfortably lay down and snuggle out there while listening to the birds sing and watching our strawberries, tomatoes, and herbs grow. check out this post for tips on gardening with toddlers.

fit friday in the mommyhood won't be up today, i am busily working away on a tutorial that i hope to get up on monday. i'm excited to show it all to you. there will be a new "mom in the mommyhood" coming out next week as well, so come take a peek!

needless to say, it's busy around here, but a good busy. isn't that the way motherhood always is? one day you think you won't make it to the next and then the smallest thing will just recharge your batteries. i hang on to those moments and somehow they seem to pull me through. mine today was mackenzie feeding seals down at the marina. she just went nuts over those big ol' rock sausages. i couldn't help but cheer up and just enjoy the rest of our day.

jer has been madly studying for a midterm he had this week, so we were solo a lot and that makes it really hard for me to find computer/sewing time with mackie running around. i'm sure there are a lot of you out there who can relate. you get a good schedule going - work/kids, and then bam!, something throws it off. she wasn't napping good, going to bed really late and not liking me to be sewing. this is mostly new for her. normally she loves to help me sew, so i figure something must be up this week. just one of those times that's a write off. so stick with me, i've got good things coming your way!

wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and good times.