charley harper luv fest with a little monkey luvin thrown in too!

mackenzie and i cannot get enough of the book "abc's" by the late charley harper. gosh, those images are stunning and i can't stop looking at them and neither can she. i just want to paste our whole house with them. i can't even begin to choose which ones are my fave, but mackenzie loves this one:

she sits there asking jer and i "what's your favorite animal?" over and over again. too cute. my favorite animal by far is the monkey, and yes, i am a huge jane goodall fan :) i am reading her biography at the moment as well, so monkeys are on my mind. i luv monkeys. as a child i wanted to train monkeys sign language so i could talk to them and yes, even then i could never shut up, all i wanted to do was chat, chat, chat. i figured they would listen to me.

if you're looking for some more information on charley harper and his works check out "charley harper - an illustrated life" by todd oldham - you and your little ones won't be disappointed. but don't fret, if you don't have kids, there are sure to be pictures that will appeal to the graphic and design lover in all of us.

are you a charley harper fan? what's your favorite animal?