moo, moo - i luv you

ohhhh, my business cards arrived finally from moo! moo - i luv you!!!! (sorry about the ryhme, i couldn't resist)

for any of you out there looking for new business cards, blogging cards, sticker, postcards etc, moo is the place to check out. flickr uses them and you can even upload your flickr pics direct to moo and they will rotate your album on the cards for you! how fun is that?! they also now have a location in the states to print and ship from instead of the UK so shipping times are way faster. you can also upload and design your own or use there premade designs and no, these are not your standard designs - these are super cool and lots of fun. i couldn't decide on one i loved more than the other so i designed my own. needless to say i am really pleased with how they turned out and the size and the feel of the card. it's super sturdy and their products are eco-friendly - my kind of business card.

look out people.....i've got cards!!!!!!!!

do you have a moo card? wanna share moos?