new neighbour in the mommyhood!

we have a new neighbour in the mommyhood who is helping to keep our little community alive, fun and thriving. please welcome michelle martin of healthy coffee....yum!

now before you run off saying, eww, an ad/sponsor, i just wanna say that for us in the mommyhood this was a tough choice we decided to make to help keep things going here at the rate that we would like to and to also help luvinthemommyhood continue to grow and feature more new and exciting tutorials and articles.

i love writing this blog and it is my passion, so i am possessive over it and do not feel like bombarding it with ugly ads and flashing gadgets. i decided if i was going to take on sponsors that they would have to be something i believe in and that i think are relevant to our readership. michelle fit that bill. hell, all mom's drink coffee (ok, must of us do and those who don't are lucky and i seriously don't know how you have energy to make it through the day with kids) and secondly, we all need something that is a bit healthier than your average coffee. michelle is a busy mom of 2 gorgeous kids, whose business it is to sell this delicious and yummy coffee.

what's so special about this coffee? well, you'll have to click here to find out, but let me tell you, i am a coffee whore (sorry about the bad language). i would seriously die without mine. my naturopathic doc took me off for a few months once and i thought i was going to die - migraines and all. i usually drink 2 cups a day (strong ones) followed by that horrible caffeine burnout we all experience. it took some convincing from one of my best buds jaime to get me to try a new coffee and boy am i sure glad i did. i had more energy, only needed one cup and found it easier to focus during the day. as a mom, with mom brain, focusing and concentrating can sometimes be tricky for me. i have also heard of other mom's in town having a release from allergies, and also help from other health issues. they even have hot chocolate for kids or green tea if you aren't into coffee.

so help keep luvinthemommyhood going and click here to read about "the healthier coffee" and go ahead and give it a try. michelle is donating $10 CDN from each box of coffee sold this month to the pediatric ICU at Victoria General Hospital this month and is also offering a special deal to all you luvinthemommyhood readers:

****free shipping on your first order******

just mention to michelle you heard about the coffee here and michelle will ship you your first order free! happy sipping!

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we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the neighbourhood!