sneak peek - our weekend

i finally made myself something to wear from normal fabric! i have had the spring ruffle top from "made by rae" on my to make list for ages and finally got one done. i adore this top. it's not the most flattering thing on me, but it's sure great for those bloated days. i changed a few things here and there and added 2 buttons to the bottom of the shirt where the big pleats folded over. i found that without these holding the shirt down, my large girls (aka boobs) made this shirt look enormous on me.

sorry about all the creases, i have been living in the shirt and was too lazy to iron it just to wear it again. overall, i found this project ok for someone who has already begun sewing, not so great for a beginner though. it was easier to just try to make it for me, than it was to follow the exact instructions. i also prefer not to stitch in the ditch on clothing due to my lack of skill in this area, instead i hand stitched the straps on and the fold on the top border.

i sewed up some nifty little throw pillows for our bench out on the deck.

we also ate our first strawberry that we have ever grown -it was the best strawberry we have ever tasted, and in the words of kelly ripa - "i'm just sayin....".

how was your weekend?