and the top tutorials week winners are.......


soto softies

warm fuzzy mammal finger puppets (posted june 10th)


ruby ellen of cakies

fabric scrap necklace (posted april 7th)


rae of made by rae

spring top tutorial (posted april 24th)


vickie from vickie howell

tarina necklace (posted may 2nd)


hilary from "the yarniad"

the trina cardigan (posted march 20th)

a giant thank you to all the nominees and wonderful voters who made "top tutorials week" so much fun! thank you for all your posts, button sporting and emails/comments (i will be getting back to all of you, my inbox is a bit nuts at the moment, so bear with me)! you guys rock! i love all these tutorials and trust me, it was no easy feat picking the nominees. part of my passion for this blog stems from "the thrill of the hunt" in finding new, creative and inspiring tutorials to pass along to all of you so that we can share in each other's talents and celebrate handmade goods for our families and loved ones - and occasionally (if we're lucky and our kids are accommodating) for ourselves.

i'm so excited that you all enjoyed "top tutorials week" and look forward to all the exciting tutorials that are coming my way for the next edition. hopefully as the year progresses and this site grows we will have some fun prizes and giveaways to offer, but for now, you get a nice spot on the sidebar with a link to your tute and i will be emailing the winners a button for their own site to post and proudly display.


stay tuned, i will be posting some pics from our holiday later today or tomorrow as we get back into the ol' swing of things here in our household. the laundry is being done, the bags are getting unpacked and we are welcoming the open arms of our comfy, cozy beds after an 8 day holiday.

thanks again for reading and for being a part of "the mommyhood" it truly means so much to me.