is there such a thing as the holiday blues?

our holiday is over, but my mind and body isn't ready for it to be. we spent 8 lovely days on hornby island, bc at my father in laws house on a lovely piece of paradise. how can you not want to extend your time on a quiet, breathtaking, soft sanded beach filled wonderland with lovely, friendly people?

we had a lot of good times whether it was raining cats & dogs or the sun was roasting hot, the drinks were poured, the food was a plenty and the company was to be treasured. as the years have gone by our close group of friends have all moved away and started their own lives. we try to get together once a year for a holiday to hang out and visit. it's always hard saying goodbye and starting the countdown till next year's gathering when we feel like we just said hello.

i found this holiday to be exactly what i needed. the joys of hanging clothes on the line to dry, cooking delicious meals for loved ones, laughter, showering outside in the open air, good books, crossword puzzles and scrumptious piano music played by my father in law was just what i needed. how does one readjust to computers, tv, schedules, alarm clocks, city life, traffic, bills and chores? i seem to be stuck and pondering this since sunday morning. what do you guys do to get reacquainted to your pre-holiday lifestyle? how do you incorporate those little getaway luxuries into your real life?

i find myself longing for quiet gravel road lanes, horses, sunsets, fire pits, quilts, late night laughs, homemade goods and a more simple existence. much of it may be attributed to me reading "a homemade life" by molly wizenberg right now, but i think it may be more. i am missing simpler times and realizing i have forgotten to focus on the simplicity of life and the joys in those things. i have been striving to be more hands on and to incorporate that into our home, but in my quest to do just that i found myself even more dependent on technology and distractions. it felt great to unplug and unwind and to remove the attachment to those distractions. it recharged my creative batteries, and filled my head with some wonderful new projects and little goodies to come in the next few months.

my question to you is this, what are your tips for simplifying life and for staying connected without sacrificing all other connections? how do you keep them all balanced and in sync? there must be a way to enjoy the simpler things alongside this fast paced world without losing all amenities. with summer holidays in full swing, i would love to hear your thoughts and your experiences and let's all help each other recover from the holiday blues together.