mommyhood moments - weekend wedding

yep, that's the real me right in this shot..this pic sums up my personality to a tee!

it was hard to get any of the shots to turn out great in color with my little ol' camera - the sun was shining right on us and it was very, very bright. so, black and white to the rescue right? our friends make the sweetest couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness and laughter. their wedding was very special and very romantic.

now for some color:

it was quite the task to keep little mackenzie from sprinting up to the alter and grabbing her daddy. she had a bit of a cry and a flee for escape during the first few minutes then thankfully the characters of "in the night garden" came to the rescue!

mackenzie takes after her momma and danced until she couldn't dance anymore. she was seriously the life of the party - i only wish she could remember how fun it was! she danced more than any other adult there, it was fabulously hilarious and sweet at the same time.

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