pj's to summer tunic tutorial!

i have been spotting all the cute tunic shirts with a drawstring lately and decided that i wanted to make one of my own. after i couldn't find a pattern that i could actually understand i decided to wing it - my fave thing to do! the result was a pair of my favourite jammies providing me with inspiration, a splash of fun colour and an easy way to make a stylish, customizable tunic, romper, or dress! so go get out your fave pj’s or raid La Senza and sew your way to a stylish summer must have!

(the pics for this post were tricky - they don't do the shirt justice. i'll post better pics later if get some.)

for those of you new to the "newbie sewing series" we provide a tutorial geared towards anyone who sews, but mostly for those who are learning, like me. you get a pdf download of the tutorial and also a handmade video of lil'ol me making them. there may not always be the correct terminology, or the best process, but that's what it's all about when you are learning to sew, it's not always perfect, but it's sure fun.

click here for the pdf download

and here for the video tutorial.

let's have some fun and think outside of the box. we all have tons of interesting materials at home that can be refashioned into something we want to wear and love again. your favorite pair of jammies don't need to be turned into cleaning rags or donated, why not use the much loved fabric to make something you are sure to wear for the summer and with a cute cardigan for the fall. our creativity is a powerful thing that we can all use together to fight the effects of the economy and the environment.

so whip out the sewing machines and show me your creativity in full swing! make sure to join our luvinthemommyhood flickr group and share those projects that you have refashioned! happy sewing!

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