the cat's out of the bag.....

first off, let me say hello and that i have missed you all horribly. i know i have been gone a lot longer than i anticipated, but hey, that's how things go sometimes.

i figure it's time i let the cat out of the bag so to speak. it's earlier than we wanted to but i didn't want to just put excuse after excuse as to why i haven't been blogging. you it goes......

we're pregnant with baby #2!!!

image kygp

yep, that's right, preggers! so why have i been gone so long you ask? well, it wasn't an easy road with mackenzie and it's proven to be twice as hard with this baby. i'm only 10 weeks at this point and it seems like i have a long road ahead of me. i've been suffering with extreme naseau that medication isn't helping and having some other complications that have had me on bed rest for a little bit. thankfully my wonderful god send of a mom flew in last week from out of town and has been staying with us to help out with mackenzie. i honestly don't know how i would have made it without her.

so instead of having fun blogging with all you wonderful folks, i have been crying over my toilet bowl and dreaming of large glasses of lemon water to quench my thirst - i am so damn thirsty, that's been tough. keeping fluids down has proven to be one of the toughest things right now. so if any of you have wonder tips to share with me besides the obvious - ginger, nausea wristbands and vitamin b6 i would love to hear about it. please share. i could use the help!
i probably won't be blogging regularly until i am functioning normally, so please bear with me. don't go.....i will be back...i promise. i need something to keep me functioning and i look forward to all the fun things headed our way for the holidays. so many creative projects to be made and i'm so excited to share this exciting journey we are on with all of you.

thank you for all of your well wishes and sweet emails, it was so nice to hear from you and i'm so sorry i haven't been able to respond. please know that i'm thinking of all you and missing this wonderful community so much. it's amazing what a big role it plays in my life now, i can't imagine not being a part of it.

take care and please comment, share your tips for other pregnant moms who suffering with extreme nausea, bed rest etc and help us to all get through these challenging times with each other's support and kind words.

so in the words of good ol'arnie- "i'll be back!"