under the weather wishes

this week is going to be a bit sporadic for posting. i am still not feeling too hot and decided to just take it easy rather than blog with fillers for y'all to read this week. i don't think i'll be back in time for link luv roundup on wednesday, (insert tears of shock..haha) it's my fave post of the week but also the one that takes a ton of time to compile - and i mean a ton! i luv doing it, but feel like i just wouldn't have my heart it in it this week. i hope you all have a wonderful, and fun filled week, and i will see you in a few days :)

also we have a new and exciting moms in the mommyhood coming up soon that i'm excited to announce, a new tutorial, and also don't forget to go show some luv to our wonderful sponsor this month "www.sayitonthewall.com" they help keep the mommyhood going strong. thanks to all of you who joined in on the "a little about me and a little about you" post, i had tons of fun reading all of your answers! thanks for joining in! i'm glad i'm not the only one obsessed with all the new tv shows coming out this fall!!!

what's the show you're most anticipating this fall? what do you think about the new melrose place & vampire diaries? anybody tuning in?

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