moments in the mommyhood - camping with a heck-of-a-lotta golfing!

these pics are posted a little bit late due to my weekend laziness. it was so nice to just hang out at home this weekend and do absolutely nothing that this post got delayed and i decided to take monday off for the long weekend. it's been relaxing, fun and the perfect way to start a busy fall.

the pics above are from our recent camping trip to parksville, bc where we spent more time playing mini-golf and winning free games then we did sightseeing and roaming the beaches. the mini-golf course was addicting and probably the best one i have played at. if you're ever out that way make sure to stop and play at riptide lagoon adventure golf - it's lots of fun and the wee ones even get clubs toddler sized!

we checked out the canadian sand sculpting competition during their annual beachfest and also the biggest playground/waterpark i have ever laid eyes upon! this playground was seriously enormous. i think mackenzie had found her heaven and could have stayed there all day. needless to say the mini-golf beckoned and we didn't stay too long..haha. i am even proud to say i got a couple of hole in ones and won a free game! not too shabby for a not too often golfer.

how was your weekend? anyone else addicted to mini-golf out there?