knitters dilemma - which hat should it be for cami?

so my baby sister camille nicely asked for a new hat for her bday this month and i am more than happy to oblige her request - i love a great hat! the problem is our family is known for our indecisiveness at times and i already foresee a prob of being able to pick out what pattern to use. she's a bit picky, likes only neutrals and things that aren't too flashy so that gives me a great starting point, but i thought - hey, why not have a poll! there are a lot of patterns listed, but please don't run away, they are worth a peek at. i had a hard time weeding down my knitters unite, which hat should it be for cami?

(p.s. - i linked all the patterns for you guys, but they are all on ravelry. if you aren't a member on ravelry - what are you waiting for? come join in on all the fun! )

now click on the poll below and vote for your fave hat! the poll will be open till sunday, january the 10th and i'll post the results next week. if you know of a great hat pattern that you adore and it's not shown here please leave a link in the comment section, we would love to see it! thanks for your picks!

*Added January 13, 2010 - you can find the results here!