a little nudity goes a long way when it comes to sewing....on tv that is

i've been feeling a sad sort of withdrawal now that project runway has ended and canada can't seem to get season 3 going. any word anyone? i have hunted and there is no news on when season 3 will be airing, fill me in if you have heard any gossip :) in the meantime i was more than thrilled to find bravo's new show "launch my line".

there has been no shortage of nudity (and not all good nudity), cat fights, animal themes, nasty partnerships and a very, very, eclectic cast of characters. i'm up to date to episode 4 and have so far enjoyed it. it's definitely not project runway, but if you are looking to fill the void, it will do the trick. plus the hosts, dsquared, are canadian and you know how us canadians love to support each other :P

have you been watching? who's your fave? i'm really liking merle, marilyn and kathy rose. i'm just so glad kathy rose stopped burning that damn sage all the time. that would drive me bonkers! so comment below, let's chat about it! i'm in the mood for some sewing gossip!