moments in the mommyhood - belly kisses

we're almost at 26 weeks around here and time has sure flown by fast. too bad it didn't feel quite so fast when i was glued to the toilet bowl in the first trimester - yuck! i just managed to catch this pic - not so easy with my little camera. i was taking some belly shots of myself when mackenzie snuck up and kissed the belly. don't you just love those little moments?

*edited 11:08 AM - just got back from doctor and due date has been changed to may 8th. guess i'm almost 25 weeks in this pic :) *

here's a few of our recent faves from the park, y'all know how i love my black and white shots. i just had to add them to the post. we just love this time of year, minus the rain, for all the new things sprouting up, mackenzie just get's so excited to be outside on the hunt for new things to touch and see, when she's not too busy puddle jumping that is :P