moments in the mommyhood - whale of a good time!

on our recent vancouver getaway one of our top priorities when we were there was to take mackenzie to the vancouver aquarium. i knew we were going to have fun, but man oh, man, we really had fun. i think we were there for at least 3 hours and enjoyed the beluga and dolphin show. on of our fave things to check out was the 4D theatre - now seriously, this thing was cool. nope, not just cause it was 4D but because you also got wet, got shook, the theatre filled with bubbles, your seat vibrated, you smelt things and i swear the whales were close enough to touch. here's the pics from our little adventure, sorry to bore you with animal shots, but hey, who doesn't love a little animal pic here and there?

what's your fave part of visiting the aquarium? have you been to the vancouver aquarium?

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