notes from the mommyhood - it's bad enough that half our body is already swollen...

looks like one of those dreadful pregnancy side effect has finally hit me. i managed to escape it during my 1st pregnancy, but i haven't been so lucky this time around. yep, you guessed it, the dreaded swollen ankles/legs have hit. yuck! ewwww! owww! and ok, f*&#K! that pretty much sums it up in my book.

c'mon guys, seriously, with all the things pregnant women have to deal with is this really necessary? mine swelled up for the first time around new year's eve. we had friends staying with us and i must admit, i overdid it with the wii playing. yes, i played wii pregnant. i actually did more than play, i took on the fitness age test. i wanted to see how old that thing was going to peg me at when i am wobbling around huge like a whale. damn am i proud to admit that i was 34 - this was wonderful to me since i am only 32. two years extra wasn't bad in my book and i beat all the men at baseball - go home runs! i was so proud of myself, i was whooping around the house prancing like a proud peacock when my legs started to feel funny. i looked down and low and behold, there was the ghastly sight! bah! what a way to ruin my moment!

ahhhh, i remember the days of slender ankles....

i wasn't allowed to play anymore wii after that and had to spend a day or two with my feet up and let me tell you, sleeping like that sucks bad! it finally eased up and went away, but it does return now and again, especially if i am trying to exercise. so now i have to take it easy and probably end up buying ugly shoes to squeeze my swollen toes into. it's bad enough i can't find a half decent maternity swimsuit to wear never mind a cute pair of jeans! pregnancy is getting more stylish, but it's definitely not getting more affordable. not all of us can swing for a pair of pricey "seven's" to wear during our maternity, especially when it's your 2nd baby and you know you sure ain't having anymore.

but enough about my rants on maternity clothes, i could go on about that for a solid week's worth of posts. and before you all start sending me links remember i live in canada and places like the gap and old navy and boo hoo, target won't ship to canada. it breaks my heart. i have to scour ebay to get my hands on those products. so if you know of a great maternity shop online that ships international without charging me an arm and a leg - i'm in!

keep those feet up ladies!

back to the topic on hand, i have been doing the required remedies for my swollen gams:

- drink tons and tons of water
- keep feet elevated
- don't cross your legs
- don't wear tight shoes
- avoid salty foods
- don't sit for too long
- sleep on your left side
- hope your hubby isn't like mine and will actually rub your feet for you
- and exercise.

are there any i'm missing? any tips from real moms instead of some snooty maternity book author? i sure could use a few extra. there should be a support group for us swollen mommies so we can beatch to our heart's content about how our once normal skinned bodies have now turned into stretched out, swollen, aching, and poofy ones. yes it's for a wonderful cause and yes, it's definitely worth it in the end but does that really mean we can't complain about it a little? we are supposed to feel gorgeous and glowing at this point aren't we? i feel a bit irritated i must say. i want to find giselle walking down some city street prancing her tiny preggo body, with no swelling, perfect clothes and her friggin flying lessons and pump her up full with a water hose - eat some meat lady!

what is she - like 9 months here? i was this big at 9 weeks...but then...i'm not a model...i eat.

image: splash

are you all swelled up like a giant watermelon? comment below and let's console each other and tell ourselves how gorgeous our gams still look even though they sure are poofier!

(p.s. - if you are going to tell me to rush to a doctor, don't worry, i see mine in a few days.)