moments in the mommyhood - chef blue eyes hits the park

she gets me every time with those big blue eyes of hers, whatever mischief she's up to and yes, there is always mischief in our house with this little one, she always manages to soften me up with those baby blues of hers - what a weapon. do you see the twinkle?

whether she's diggin in the muck......

giggling on the swing.............

or trying to hide from daddy...........she's always got that little twinkle in her eye.

mackenzie received the cutest gift from her great grandma and grandpa for xmas, her very first cookbook and a full chef ensemble! priceless! she loves it and so do i. i especially loved that she ripped off her clothes (including her pants) and threw the whole thing on as soon as she opened it and proceeded to run laps around the apartment in her blue panties with a bright red chef outfit on.....priceless! thanks you guys! she asked me if i would put her chef pics up on the site so here you go my little girl.

i also couldn't resist posting some shots of the sunrises lately from the view from our apartment! wowsa! are we in hawaii or victoria? can't beat a gorgeous ocean sunrise! and nope, the color isn't altered, that is what it truly looked like, if anything it was brighter. makes condo living a little bit easier to handle don't ya think?

what's your week been like so far? any mischief? any fellow american idol fans out there? what a week - american idol and project runway premiers, it's almost too much for my little preggo heart to handle!

(all images luvinthemommyhood)