loved by heidi klum - do you luv it?

motherhood maternity recently launched heidi klum's new maternity line "loved". i'm a bit sad that i am already in the third trimester and really trying to not buy any more maternity clothes because some of the items are super cute. i do have to admit though, that i was a bit disappointed by the line and was expecting a bit more flair and sass. i guess i wanted a bit more of "heidi", or the "heidi" that is on project runway in those fab one piece jumpsuits and strapless dresses to give us a line of clothes so that we can all look as hip and stylish as she does.

i think i'm bored of the big tunics and tight pants and was surprised that this is pretty much the whole line. i do have to admit that i LOVE those skinny jeans, they are fab. i wish i could have snagged a pair of those up a few months ago. i have a pair of motherhood maternity's new jeans with the flesh tone ultra thin nylon belly part and let me tell you, they are super, super comfy! much better than a huge hunk of lycra that shows through all your fave tops.

so, c'mon heidi, don't hog all those lovely, lovely outfits to yourself.....we all dream that we can even look as remotely stunning as you do preggers. i'm interested to see what she will add to the line next. i mean really, i can't even dare to dream that i could look that fab after so many kids, she is one lucky lady!

what do you guys think of the line? what's your fave piece?

p.s. our little family went swimming on the weekend are are all under the weather, darn public bear with me if there is no "link luv roundup" tomorrow.

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