etsy monday in the mommyhood

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary." ~Mary Kurtz

1) my grandmother's blanket by turtle murtle
2) colorful afghan pillow by atelier afra
3) florida everglades by popsicle stick
4) crocheted dot bag green & turqoise by artistik1979

i've been hooked by the granny square. she came and caught me this week. i've been going through my huge wool stash and trying to get some projects on the go for the baby when swoosh, i was sucked in by the granny square. how? by watching tv at 4:00am that's how. damn those late night/early morning craft shows. have any of you seen these? they lure me in every darn time.

heading into the third trimester has me up quite a bit at night, which usually ends with me being sucked into a knitting or quilting show on some learning channel. it's not a good thing. it usually takes me eons to go back to sleep because my mind starts spinning and filling with possible projects and i start to feel that familiar tingle in my fingers to work with my hands.

the other night i was up watching tv in bed and remembered this gorgeous pattern i had seen on sarah london's site. i sat straight up and said "i have to make this". it's now near the top of my list and will hopefully be a great big stash buster. in the meantime though, i thought it would be fun to help aide my new longing to make granny squares by seeing what all the ladies have been up to on etsy. i love all the above items! aren't they cheerful and perfect for spring?

if you're looking to learn how to do some serious granny square making, check out "meet me at mike's", scroll down the page and check out the left side bar for the links to her crochet school with the latest series of how-to's on granny squares.

what's your favorite crochet project? are you hooked on granny squares?