makin' it in the mommyhood - baby cardigans and granny squares galore

it's finished! the first project for the new little bean! i knitted up this adorable, little garter stitch cardigan last week. i chose it due to it’s being knit all in one piece and only needing one skein of yarn to whip up. i enjoyed making it and found the pattern easy to follow.

the only spot i had a hard time with was the seaming. i wanted the side seams and underarms to look seamless and just couldn't seem to figure out how to get those dang underarms to work due to the binding off in separate rows a few stitches at a time. that darn ladder look won’t go away no matter what seaming process i use.

the writer of the pattern suggested using the mattress stitch and i will go back and give that a try. not sure if it will help me though, i seem to just be stuck. i’ve tried about 20 times to get it to look right, so cross your fingers number 21 is going to work…haha.

the pattern is called "inca-dincadoo" and you can find it here on ravelry as a free download.

i've also been busy at working on my new granny square addiction. eeek! they sure are quick to just grab you and suck you in. it took me a bit of time on the weekend to get my crochet terminology back up to speed and practice a few different squares until i found the right one, but i'm happy with what i've made so far.

somewhere along the last week or so i came across the pattern called "summer garden granny square" by lucy of attic 24. i love this pattern. it's super easy to follow and you can use a ton of colors. also her tutorial is very well written and has lots and lots of pics so beginners like me can easily see what she is referring to no matter how small a step it is. kudos for her for making such a great pattern! you can find it here on ravelry or on her blog, attic 24.

i’m not too sure at this point if all the squares will have blue for the outer edge, i’m not too practiced at picking colorways right now for the blanket, but i’m trying to go with what i have the most of in my stash at the moment. i may mix it up with pink edges and blue edges. i originally wanted white, but don't have enough wool in my stash to do them all white.

what do you guys think? should i change it up a bit? do i need more color? my daughters room will be shared with the new baby and the colors in there are light blue, pinks and brown. any tips would be awesome! i could use the help :)