we've been nominated for the lovelies!!!

yippee!! checked my email today and found out luvinthemommyhood has been nominated for a "lovelies" award in the blog:handmade section!!!!! can i say excited! super excited! i heart the lovely clusters site and their blog. gorgeous eye candy and a very fun way to shop! if you haven't been there, here's what they are all about:

"a place to browse beautiful handmade and vintage items from very creative artists and designers from around the world. Each item links to the sellers shop site where you can purchase and find more information."

go check it out, you won't regret it! rachel does a fabulous job creating beautiful and inspirational posts, i go over there just to drool and stare and all the loveliness of it all.

what about the lovelies award? well what can i say other than to shamelessly beg you to please, please, pretty please, go and make my preggo belly swell with pride and joy and vote for little ol' me at the lovelies! all you have to do is click the box below and leave a comment or tweet at the bottom of their post. the directions are listed there as well. voting is open until february the 28th!

The Lovelies

thanks for your support and for your votes! i truly appreciate all of them!