etsy in the mommyhood

If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters. ~Nora Ephron, Heartburn, 1983

1) XL back relief pack organic flaxseed/rice lavender scented by comfy creations
2) organic back ache balm by homestead herbal
3) microwaveable heating pad therapy spa pillow neck wrap by bella posh pillows
4) microwaveable hot/cold therapy pillow corn bag set by warm hugs corn bags

in case you missed my post on thursday, i hurt my back very badly on wednesday morning and have pretty much been bed bound since then. it sucked and still sucks. i managed to drag myself with my sister's help to the doctor on friday looking like a big bellied, crazy lady with a bad case of osteoporosis using a broken, ugly umbrella dragging for a cane, dragging herself down what felt like the longest hallway known to man. it was funny, embarrassing and sad all at that the same time. it turns out i sprained my lower back - ouch! i'm happy to say i'm feeling a bit better and can now stand up higher than my waist, in other words you could no longer use my back as a serving tray :P

i think that was the hardest part for me, not being able to walk. i give credit to all you preggos out there suffering from sciatica, i thank my lucky stars that it wasn't that and there is a chance i will feel better before the labor and delivery. i can tell you this much though, i sure won't be picking up my daughter anytime soon and putting her in her car seat. not a good idea. what i will be doing is resting, using heat pads, stretching, praying the hubs will give me a back massage and wishing for a miracle...haha.

thank you from the hubs and i for all your kind words and emails over the weekend, it meant a lot to me to have all of your guy's support. especially when i was feeling really blue and fearing i was going to be stuck in my bed till may...eeek and crying my eyes out wondering how i was going to look after my daughter during tax season!

you all know what's coming next.....yep, that's right, i decided to check out etsy for some back pain relief goodies and i have to say, there are some lovely, lovely, heat packs available. why have an ugly one when you could have one covered in amy butler fabric???

any of you out there suffering from back pain during pregnancy? any tips for me?