moments in the mommyhood - ducks and hail storms

ummmm....can we say too many ducks for my liking?

i thought i would post some pics that i meant to put up last week before the dreaded "back" injury. we had some fun at a local spot in victoria the other week to go kick the soccer ball around and feed the ducks. well, the soccer didn't last long, but the duck feeding sure did. now i have to be honest, i am a bit freaked out when it comes to ducks and especially geese. i have been attacked by a goose before and let me tell you, it ain't fun! those things have tongues like snakes and teeth at the end of their beaks, they are meannnnn!

due to the rabid geese attack i experienced i tend to shy away from duck feeding sites as sometimes there are geese nearby. this little feeding made me nervous for a different reason though - the amount of ducks! there were tons! too many for my liking and at one point, for mackenzie. luckily we were there with friends who go often and knew what they were doing or i would have hightailed it outta there as soon as the gang started climbing my feet quacking for food...that's a bit too close for my comfort if you ask me.

we also experienced some weird weather lately.....first sun, then rain, then a hellavu lot of hail, big hail, small hail, soft hail, hard hail...we got it all. it stopped, started, stopped and started all afternoon long. we were lucky and didn't get any snow this winter but mackenzie sure did get excited over the hail. she decided to try and eat it with her tongue over the railing of our deck. too cute!

i also got one of my new fave shots of my daughter all played and out and so wiped that she actually passed out on the floor on top of her coloring books, now that's someone who is tired because i am sure a hard plastic book cannot make a good pillow :P

what have you been up to? any moments going on in your mommyhood? have you ever been attacked by a goose or am i alone out here?