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go, canada go!!!!!!!!!

1) i love vancouver zipper pouch by kukubee
2) olympic alpine beast by woolde beast
3) olympics 14k gold filled necklace by made by sam
4) olympic leather wristbands by leather made nice

go, canada go! you'll have to excuse my olympic cheer today! i've managed to keep it off the site thus far but couldn't resist having a little fun and a whole lotta pride over the fact that canada kicked some butt at the olympics! i'm all hyped up after team canada's mens hockey team scored the winning goal in a nail biter of a game in overtime yesterday! i swear i almost went into early labor over the anxiety! nice to see both the women and the mens hockey teams grab the gold!

i took a little peek to see if some of that canadian olympic pride was popping up over on etsy and you bet it was! i found some cute little gems over there to help you show off your olympic pride! and don't worry, there was more than just canadian goodies, but ya know, being canadian, a girl's got to support her country, eh!

sad to see the olympics are over, but after living in vancouver for so long (i'm in victoria now) i'm sure the city is ready to get back to normal again.

what have you enjoyed about the olympics? pros/cons? your fave sport to watch? mine was the ice dance (figure skating) and the snowboarding - fabulous!!!!