weekend wishes and the ever growing belly

i'm pooped, tired and ready for a good rest-filled weekend. this week has felt very, very looooong. so due to my 30 week belly weighing me down, running after my almost 3 year old, chores and a low iron level i'm going to keep this post short and sweet and leave you with some belly shots and some giggles from my little one.

and before you ask, yep, that's right, i'm wearing horizontal stripes. the top is a hand me down from my baby sis and i figured hey, why not, it's the only time in my life i would dare, and i mean dare, to wear these damn stripes cause you all know a girl who's got curves don't need no lines showing how wide they are...haha.
it was in my "to be refashioned for mack" pile when i thought hey, it's stretchy and not too warm, i'm putting this baby on, and yes, i wore it out in public too - it's just been that kind of week.

30 weeks
giggles on the swing

wishing you all a wonderful weekend with a bit of a break from the kids giving you a chance to put your feet up, do some crafting, reading, napping or whatever else does your heart good kind of weekend.

what are your plans this weekend? you as tired as i feel? let's commiserate...haha.

p.s. ok my loyal readers...there's only 2 days left to vote for lil'ol me...we're so close, yet so far away...i'm up against some stiff competition...so i need your help. please send a little vote my way for "the lovelies". it's fast and easy, just a simple comment or tweet will do, just follow the link below to show your love. i'll be crossing my fingers :) for those who have already voted - love ya!

The Lovelies

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