moments in the mommyhood - beds, bellies and a budding artist

we've been doing a lot of laying in bed lately. i'll take it when i can get it folks, i am in the third trimester after all.

i love staring into those baby blues but man, oh man, do i wish i had been blessed with her hair.

i've been daydreaming a lot about the new little bean and trying to focus on our birth plan and some of the hitches that have recently been thrown into it. i'm staying positive though... or trying to that is...haha.

i thought i should show you guys what i usually look like with my 31 week belly during the day, yep, the la senza xmas special. almost at the point that i won't be able to wear them anymore but just so darned comfy i'm dreading the day i can't. i figure a good portion of you prolly look the same way and are sitting at your computers donned in similar standby outfits. oh, and yes, the yoga pants are in the mix, but i tend to do a rotation - yoga, jammy, yoga, jammy. i know i'm not alone ladies......

i also couldn't resist showing you this drawing that mackenzie made a few weeks ago that just melts my heart every time i see it. it was one of her first attempts at drawing people. she says it mommy, daddy, her and the baby all holding hands. i think she's got something going seeing as she isn't even 3 yet and now she even puts faces on them! too little budding artist.

what's going on in your mommyhood today? we've been dealing with another growth spurt, which equals in our house, no sleep, crankiness, yelling, not wanting to wear clothes, painting furniture with yogurt, strawberry stains on the carpet, a lot of snacking on her part, a few tantrums and the oh, so famous, "mom, i want to do it all by myself" and not in a good way tone. do they ever end??? and i wonder why i don't leave the sanctum of my house on those days.

wanna share about your week?