moments in the mommyhood - one of those days.....again.....

ok, so if you are a regular reader of my blog you all know i am almost 36 weeks preggers with a baby that has dropped, with a super energetic almost 3 year old going through some stuff right now, a hubby who is an accountant which equals a hubby who isn't home at all, ok, he sleeps here, but that's about it, the usual run of the mill chores, a birthday party to plan for next weekend, a to do list a mile long...i could keep going but i won't cause i'm sure you get the picture... and then what do we get to throw in there....a locked bedroom door with no key. my bedroom door with no key.

did the bobby pin trick work? hell no. did the 10 videos i watched on you tube scarily showing how to break into doors and locks of all kinds work? nope, and oh, by the way, why are there so many videos for thieves to learn how to steal from us in the first place? so what happens next? my child goes buck wild causing all sorts of problems, i'm on the phone with the hubs crying because some locksmith in town told me it cost $125 for a 10minute house call and then an additional $103.50/hr for any time after that and i swore it was because i was a woman calling and i sounded stressed, which of course, i was. so the hubs leaves work early to rescue me from my cramping belly, swollen feet and toddler in the middle of a tantrum marathon, finds a locksmith to come save the day (still cost $70),and yes, we didn't have a key to our stupid bedroom door because our landlord never gave us one.

image luvinthemommyhood

why was the door locked? yep, you guessed it....mackenzie did it. i've got a child thing on the door from the front but she decided to lock from the inside and then when i closed it the next time voila - locked door, crying momma and a laughing toddler. all i can say is thank god i had my bra and clothes on cause no locksmith wants to see me in my jammies and my girls swingin' in the me.

so why is today's post about this? well needless to say i just wasn't up to writing the cheerful final bday celebration post i had planned and i believe in showing what my life is like, not a fake cheery version of it, so here's a bad day for you guys. i figured there a tons of you who can relate and knew your comments would cheer me up today. i also know that even though you may not admit it, you might agree with me when i say the pics of my daughter are part of their survival instinct. it keeps them from driving us completely over the edge of insanity. it also makes us want more of them. darn cutie pies...why can't they just stay angelic all the time???

image luvinthemommyhood

are you having one of those days? let's cry on each other's shoulders.....comment your thoughts below ladies.