special sponsor announcement - kennedy photografik

ok, yep, if you look real closely to the right of the image above that's me and all my glory in the banner of one of my fave photography gals jennifer kennedy from kennedy photografik. i'm blushing and oh, so honored to be in a header, yep, a header for her blog......you're such a sweetie jen! thanks!

i met jennifer last year at the wedding of some dear friends. i fell in love with her photography and had the pleasure of sitting next to her at the reception and let me just say that i've been stalking her blog ever since. jen's photography covers everything from weddings, engagements, babies/maternity and family shoots. plus she's funny and fun to be around and actually made me look somewhat photogenic!!! a miracle to say the least - what more could you ask for out of a photographer?

i'm super excited to announce kennedy photografik as one of our new sponsors in the mommyhood. i've put together a special post with some questions i had for her, a sneak peek at the maternity photo shoot she did for me and some of my fave photos of hers.

a little about jen.....

I love coffee.
I love my tilt-shift lens.
I love traveling.
I love flip-flops, and wear them pretty much all year.
I love big cities, but coming home to a small town.
I love peonies.
I love chocolate, in all its forms.
I love early mornings.
I love weddings!
I love taking photos, and I'd love to take yours!

"Photography to me is a lot of things; but primarily, it's the ability to capture moments. Moments in time that cannot be duplicated. Real moments."


What kind of camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?
I use a Sony Alpha a900, and my backup is an a700. Right now, my favorite lens is my 70-200 f2.8. My go-to lens is my 50 f1.4.

What is your most loved thing to photograph and why?
I'm in love with photographing couples in love. It's magic when you can capture *that* connection.

What is one thing you have always wanted to photograph but haven't got the chance yet?
I'd love to photograph a birth. I don't have my own children, but can imagine bringing one into this world would be unbelievably emotional experience.

Any advice to moms looking to start doing photography as a business?
Love what you shoot (if you love kids, specialize in little people, if not, don't!). Charge what your worth. Invest in good equipment. Develop a style. And photoshopping is NOT a style!

You travel a lot for your business, how far will you go for photo shoots and why did you decide to offer this service?
I will go as far as my clients would like me to. I offer this because I'm from an isolated community and need an excuse to get out every once and a while! And... I love photography, and people are willing to add travel to my fees because they like my work and want my services. It's pretty flattering!

What are your Top 5 Tips for Taking Pics of Babies/Kids?
Here are my top 5 tips for capturing your kiddos... not in any particular order!
5) Turn off the flash. Want to avoid the "deer in the headlights" look? This is the easy way. This works best outdoors, in bright, natural light, but can be achieved indoors as well.
4) Don't interrupt the action. Let them play, capturing them in a documentary style.
3) Move in closer. Let that gorgeous face fill the frame! Turn on the macro, even!
2) Be quick. Have your camera on hand... you never know when the next opportunity will strike!
1) Be visible! For gosh sakes, get in that photo. Yes, you. Put it on auto, set the timer, and say cheese as a family.

jen's gonna be in my neck of the woods this summer (Victoria, BC) and she's got some specials going on:
Among all the wedding hub-bub, I'll be in Victoria two weekends over the summer, and am offering an insane deal on portrait sessions - couples, maternity, family, you name it! Please email me jennifer [at] kennedycorp [dot] ca for details.

thanks jen!!!!! for the photoshoot and for the mini-interview! it was fun!

you can find more information on jennifer kennedy and kennedy photografik on her website, blog or facebook page.

all images are copyright jennifer kennedy 2010