moments in the mommyhood - the results are in

just a quick little post to let you know that we had our ultrasound yesterday and the little bean was turned the right way! yippeee!!! i'm so thankful! baby looked healthy and we're all relieved. i'm crossing my fingers she stays that way and bakes in the oven until at least may 1st.

thought you might all enjoy another goofy shot of mackenzie. this is what she got up to when i got home with a cute face picture of her sister to be. don't you just love these moments?

also, i couldn't resist sharing a snippet of her phone call with daddy last night before bedtime. she asked jer "daddy, do you have a bed at your office?", now if that isn't a sign your hubs is working like crazy i don't know what is.

thank you for all your comments the last few days and your emails in regards to all your experiences and advice with breech babies. it helped me out a lot!

what funny moments are you having today? anything in particular you're feeling thankful for?

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