moments in the mommyhood - no baby yet

image via cathy thorpe

ok folks, it's time to get the baby mojo flowing.....the house is ready, my folks are in town, my hubby is done the insane tax season, my daughter is excited....we just need the baby!

i'm officially overdue. yep, overdue - bah! the due date was may 8th and it's come and gone. i hate that word...overdue. it makes me feel like some kind of weird cheese in your fridge that you buy and get excited to eat and then you just get sick of waiting for it to taste just right and you forget about it and then one day find it sitting there, sticking it's imaginary tongue out at you in the fridge saying "i'm rotten can't eat me". i feel like it gives me an expiry date....yuck! oh well, what do you do. i'm just trying to be patient and wait for the little bean to come and meet us all.

any of you ladies in the same boat as me? i've been down the induction path before and don't want to go there again. what's your best tips? and yes, i've heard all about the nipple stimulation, sex, tea and stair climbing...i'm desperate for some new ones girls! help.....i don't want to sit on the fridge shelf by myself anymore...haha, all us "overdue" ladies let's unite!