Embellishing Shirts & Onesies with Guest - Vanessa from "V & Co."

ohhhhhh, this week is so fun! first dana and now vanessa! two ladies who need no introduction from lil ol me, but i can't just can't seem to help myself from gushing about how much i love them both.

the lovely, sweet, hilariously funny and uber-talented vanessa from "v and co." is here today to share a fun tutorial on how we can all spruce up those boring onesies we have kicking around the house! from funny tales of her life with 4 kids (yes, 4 kids!!!!) & hubby, her insane quilting skills, patterns, sewing & craft tutorials this ladies got it all! you can drool over her lovely patterns for sale in her shop here and read about her adventures and tutorials on her gorgeous blog here!

her pretty aesthetic is so addicting and it just makes me want to run and beg the hubs to take my daughter so i can just sit and sew some of her fabulous creations!!!! vanessa - you're the best and big hugs to you for being part of the babyhood bonanza, and for all those late night vents we've had....motherhood is so much more fun having people to laugh about it with like you - luv ya!

now let's hear from vanessa........

hello luv in the mommyhood-ers! i'm Vanessa from V and Co.

i was very excited that shannon asked me to be part of her line up of guest bloggers while she takes a little bit of time to get ready to push out that little baby in her tummy. babies are amazing aren't they? i have 4 and it seems like it was forever ago that i was in the hospital pushing and cursing at the man who was delivering my baby and the other man that put me in that predicament. it seems like a lot of my friends are having babies now. and well i find myself getting giddy every time i find out what they are having so i can make them something. onesies are one of my favorite things to give at the moment.

onesies are a must when you have a brand new baby. i remember many times when my babies would be stripped down to just their onesie for some reason or another. whether it was too hot, or if they got something on their clothes, or... well lets be honest sometimes a onesie was all we had time to get into.

i love the plain white onesies the best because it gives me an open canvas on what i would like to do to embellish it. today i'm going to give you a few suggestions on how to dress up a little white onesie. all these suggestions would work great on a toddler shirt as well!

using my ombre style onesie tutorial, make this lovely little lady! add little t-shirt flowers or ruffles to dress it up even more!

using my flower (ring) tutorial make a few rosettes and sew them on the onesie by hand.

using my heat press vinyl tutorial make these two awesome shirts. buy the vinyls here.

with satin ribbon you can use my flower corsage tutorial, or make this cute bow:

first make sure you use fray check on the ends of your ribbon. this stuff is wonderful. and it will keep your ribbon from fraying.

your first option with the satin ribbon and flower would be to attach a pin onto the back of them with hot glue. if you don't feel comfortable putting a pin on a onesie your baby will be in you can follow these following instructions:

first make a knot in the middle of your satin ribbon. then take corresponding thread and start from the wrong side of your onesie. go through the knotted part of your ribbon.

go back through your ribbon knot. do this a few times to secure the ribbon. tie a knot and cut off the extra string. then finish tying your ribbon.

and here it is on katie's shirt now. (we're just waiting for the freezing temps to go away!) these are just a few ideas i've come up with. really the possibilities are endless!!!

well, thanks shannon for letting me come over here for the day! i'm sending "baby get out of my body!" vibes over to ya and i hope you get to push out that little one soon enough!!!! best of luck and can't wait to see baby pics!!!!

ok, folks...get sewing, get creating! have some fun! join in on the party!!! what have you been loving from the babyhood bonanza?

more fun to come next week so stay tuned!!! don't forget to grab our babyhood bonanza button on the sidebar and join the party!

p.s. if you're looking to find out more about vanessa, check out our interview with her as part of our "moms in the mommyhood" series from last year!

all images are copyright vanessa christenson