Sock Animal Rattle Tutorial with Guest - Jill from "Homemade by Jill"

ohhhh, i'm so excited for today's guest blogger - jill from the fab blog "homemade by jill"!!! i luv, luv, luv her stuff and her tutorial for today's post is no exception. i literally squealed in delight when it popped up in my inbox!!! so adorable!!! i just wanted to reach through the screen and grab this insanely talented ladies cute sock animal rattle and steal it! i don't think i could make one as cute as's so precious.

i hope you all enjoy it and please, go over and say hello to jill....her blog is addictive and filled with projects, crafts, sewing and lots of wonderful eye'll luv it and you'll luv her!!!! jill's also in her third trimester and i just want to extend a huge thank you for taking the time to do this fun post even though she is achy and very pregnant - big hugs jill!!!!!

now let's hear from jill............

Congratulations to Shannon! I am so honored to be part of the celebration welcoming baby Harper into this world.

I always find myself making little projects for babies, but being less than six weeks away from greeting our own baby girl, I am in full-fledged baby mode at this point. I'm really glad to be participating in the Babyhood Bonanza because it forced me to take a break from cranking out all my old stand-by projects and come up with something new.

Therefore, I bring you a new twist on a classic craft, the sock animal rattle:

These sock bunnies have all the makings of your little one's favorite first toy ... they are soft and squishy, have chomp-able, pull-able ears, and best of all ... make a pleasant jingle when you shake them.

The great thing about sock animals is that they are fully customizable - you choose the sock with your ideal pattern and colors, and can create just about any animal imaginable. My tutorial will show you how to make happy bunny rattles, but it can just as easily become a monkey, cat, dog, bear, (insert animal of your choice here).

The sock animal head each has a single jingle bell inside the stuffing, which gives it a pleasantly muted jingle.

I couldn't decide if I liked the straight handle or looped handle better, so I'll show you how to make both versions. You'll also learn two ways to sew the head.

Pop over to Homemade by Jill to see the full Sock Animal Rattle Tutorial HERE!

we've got lot's more goodies to come and even some sneak peek photos of the chaos that's been happening in our house lately....ok, yep there's been chaos and time outs and baby spit up and lots of dirty diapers and not a lot of sleep but to make up for it there is a whole lotta love...and i can't wait to show off harper to you all :) so stay tuned......and don't forget to sport our button that you can find on our sidebar to the left!

all images copyright homemade by jill