Toy Caterpillars Tutorial with Guest - Disney from "Ruffles & Stuff"

i apologize in advance that for the next few weeks that my introductions to these fabulous guest bloggers is not up to par....i'm still not up to par myself so just typing this is a feat in itself, but enough whining from me....please welcome disney from the fantastic, lovely, gorgeous, tutorial filled, addicting blog "ruffles and stuff". i luv her and her blog - thank you so much for inspiring me daily disney and for being part of the babyhood bonanza! i just adore this cute, fun tute and hope you all enjoy it as well.

now let's hear from disney......
There is nothing sweeter, nothing more special, nothing noisier, stinkier, or fussier....and nothing more precious, than a brand new baby.

I remember having my daughter like it was yesterday (which might be why I still just have one), and even with all the crazy nights, the frustrations, and sleep-deprivation, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Nothing shows us our true strength more than getting through those weak times, right?! So here's to all the new moms! And especially to you, Shannon. I wish we could all change a diaper for you, and lighten your load a little! :o)

And speaking of lightening the load...nothing says "rest for mommy" like a nice, entertaining, attention-holding new toy! So I whipped up a little pattern for us all!

Something soft, something crinkly, with fun little ribbons to grab at and teeth on! Perfect!

Caterpillars are cute and curious little creatures, that can be found in all sorts of places in nature!

They love to hide under logs, and climb trees....
And rest in the cool grass on a warm sunny day. They are always munching on things.....
And dodging predators, like larger insects, and birds.
But deep down, every caterpillar just wants a nice comfortable place to call home...
Where they will find lots of love....
And spend their days dreaming of what will be:
And you can bring one home of your very own, to love and cherish!

1. Just print this pattern:
(Click to enlarge, and be sure that your print layout is set to "landscape".)
2. And use it to cut two fleece caterpillars, and four layers of batting.
3. Cut six-4" lengths of ribbon, and fold them in half, pinning two to the back of each of the last three bumps of the caterpillar.
4. Then cut a small circle of felt (you can use your pattern for that, too!), stitching it on by hand or machine.
5. Lay the back piece of your caterpillar down, with the layers batting on top, and a crinkly wrapper between the batting layers. The best wrappers to use for this are plastic microwave popcorn wrappers, and Sunchips bags, but in a pinch you can use pop tarts, or whatever you have that sounds good!
6. Lay the front caterpillar piece on top, and pin well.
7. Use a small zigzag stitch to sew all the way around, fairly close to the edge. If your batting tries to sneak out, tuck it back inside as you go.
All done!
Now you have a sweet new toy, with fun sounds and ribbon to play with,
drool on, and love dearly! :o)
A great big thank you to Shannon, for letting me come visit today! I was so flattered to be invited to take part in Babyhood Bonanza! Happy mothering!
Take care, everyone!!

thanks disney!!!!!!!!!! it means a lot to me to have you over! you can find more from disney on her gorgeous blog ruffles and stuff. i hope you all stay tuned for more babyhood bonanza goodness to come. don't forget to sport our button and show your luv! it's on the sidebar to your left.

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