anyone wanna get inspired?

first off, i'm in love with the tea cups above and couldn't resist posting them and secondly, sorry this is a weird post, but i had a special wish come true yesterday. the laptop fairy finally came to my house and payed me a visit!!! yippeee! so while i am normally blogging and breastfeeding i was busy drooling with the hubs over our new baby computer. i figured you guys would understand if this post wasn't my usual topics. i have seriously been saving and saving and saving and saving and saving and whining and whining and whining to pretty much everyone i know about getting a laptop and i've never had one so it's pretty exciting!

i finally realized that i just had to bite the bullet and get one. the birth of harper has made it next to impossible to get on to this stinking desktop. it's not in a convenient location in our condo, i can't see my toddler thus leading to all sorts of mischief when i am online and harper hates being over here - dark colors really wig her out and our desk is all dark wood. so what's the answer - laptop. now i can sit with my girls, breastfeed the baby, read stories, play, live my life and then still hang with all you folks - a bloggers dream. sound wonderful? i hope it is :)

it hurt to spend the money though. i'm sure you guys can understand. raising 2 kiddos on one salary is tough in today's economy and we are frugal. we budget every last penny. we aren't lacking but we are careful. so buying this laptop was a big deal in our household. we got a little help for my bday - thanks mom/dad and my grandparents - you guys rock! i'll send you pics! and we saved and saved and saved...oh yeah, i told you that already :P

but enough about my new 3rd child, i wanted to share with you guys what else has been making me feel inspired. the website "pinterest". now there are a lot of these types of sites out there or similar ones i'm sure, but i love this one. it's sooooo fun. i'm not even going to try to explain it to you, you just have to take my word for it. if you love pretty pictures, cool things and inspiration boards you will love pinterest.

a lot of people ask me where i find my pics for my friday posts "weekend wishes". while i'll let you in on one of my sources - tumblr. tumblr is where i blog all the lovely pics i can't always post on here to show you. things that inspire me, that i think are pretty and interesting. it's fun and there are a ton of interesting goodies on there to be found.

you can follow me on both tumblr and pinterest. for tumblr click here and then click in the top right hand corner where it says follow (if you're already signed up) or join (if you wanna be a member). if you want to follow me on pinterest...well, there's a fun catch. you have to get an invite. and you know what...i've got 4 left! anyone want one? first 4 people to comment to me "i want to be pinned" i'll invite. it's fun - come be my friend!

now, back to snuggling the hubs. here's hoping i'll be blogging tomorrow's post with my new laptop on my geeky labtop table (it's so i can type while on the couch and still have hands to deal with children - don't judge me). see you in inspiration land!

anyone else on tumblr or pinterest already? leave me a comment with your info so i can come say hi and follow you :)

p.s. - don't forget to enter our megan nielsen sewing pattern fun!