moments in the mommyhood - getting our groove on

sometimes in life you just have to get your groove on. i swear my daughter's got some mojo. she loves to rock out. when i play music i always ask her what she wants to listen to and she always replies either "rock and roll, mom..." (eyes rolling) or "something with a beat", meaning some hip hop or r&b. this kid loves her some mary j blige. forget the wiggles or raffi, she wants some tunes! she's always loved dancing since she was a baby, and truth be told, she never stops moving so it's just fitting that we captured her this week in true form.....shaking her booty and of course, getting her groove on until she collapsed in the grass with exhaustion.

harper's been doing great. she's growing like a weed, trying to roll over and loves to sit or stand. you lay this kid down and she pulls herself up. she is so strong it scares me. i swear she's just gonna get all that adorable baby chub right up and start walking. she's now 10 weeks and a bit hoo, and is always smiling. she's the happiest baby i know. i could seriously just fill this blog with her cuteness and the hundreds of photos i am obsessed of taking of her, trying to capture this last baby of mine and hold on to every single tiny moment...but that would just get boring and ok, a bit weird, so i'll try to contain myself. to sum it up....i love her.

life with both the girls has been amazing, exhausting, emotional, trying, lovely and heckuva lot of fun. the tantrums have almost subsided, the parenting books are still on my bedside table though....ready to come out at the first sign of misbehaviour (right krystal - wink, wink) and generally she's been very helpful and back to herself. no, the "i love my sister too much syndrome" has not gone away, but it's manageable. i'd much rather deal with that then the screaming at the top of the lungs tantrums, time out chair throwing, biting tirades - now those were SCARY! those darn big blue eyes saved her every time though. she's a keeper and needless to say i love her too.

i figure she's starting to adjust and is happy to see her mommy getting back to normal and actually moving around the house instead of looking like a gross corpse. just to prove it, here's a pic of my new hairdo. my hair was seriously overgrown. nasty. too long and just embarrassing. it epitomized "mom hair". it was in a ponytail 24/7 (the worst hairstyle for my round face, especially post baby) and just looked lifeless. fun fact for all you new readers - i used to be a hairdresser for many years, so when i say embarrassing hair - i really mean it. so i waited and waited until i could get in with my fave stylist and chopped that bad boy off. it felt fabulous and freeing and just what i needed to feel like i was getting my life back to normal.

(Oh, and I forgot to tell all of you that when I went to get my haircut I parked in a parkade and when I came back I seriously could not find my car! My mommy brain was so tired that I thought my car was stolen. I even got a security guard (who was very, very old, couldn't speak english and just stood there looking at me as if I was nutso) and told him my car was stolen. i called the hubs on the phone and listened to two ladies start yelling "her car's been stolen" over and over and then before calling the police looked around one more time and found it. Eeek! How embarrassing! Needless to say the guard was yelling something to me in another language as I raced outta there and the hubs hasn't let me live it down!

besides the usual daily humdrum we've had friends in town over the weekend and spent some time in the sunshine at the beach with yummy food and cute kiddos. mack got to play with two of her best buds - joshua and idyn. i've already married off both girls to these handsome little studs, i just can't get enough of them so i couldn't resist posting their cuteness along with my girls.

we're starting to get back to somewhat of a normal life in our house, i've been trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging again now that the babyhood bonanza is over and i'm looking forward to sharing this new journey with all of you. i hope you guys stick around and comment, chat, share your stories - good and bad, and let's just all enjoy this adventure in mommyhood with each other. i love hearing from you.

how's your week been? any of you had any new hairstyles recently? having a hard time with the new baby in your life? or toddler? let's chat. i've already got my coffee on and there's a cup for you too :)

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