Megan Neilsen Sewing Pattern Giveaway!

happy monday everyone! guess what, i have a giveaway for you all today! exciting right? the babyhood bonanza is over but my struggles to find decent post baby clothes haven't ended. so over the next little while there may be some special goodies popping up for you moms who are still dealing with the friends their babies left behind...yes, that's what i have termed the extra fat left on my belly. sorry, but it's better than cursing in front of the kids, and curse i would. that's how mad that darn overhang makes me. we all know how hard it is to find decent maternity sewing patterns, while it's even harder to find ones for that darn post baby body so i was over the moon when i spotted them over on

i've been following megan nielsen's blog since i started blogging and let me tell you, this momma has got some skills. i remember reading her posts, drooling over the stylish outfits she was always whipping up and favoriting her fun tutorials. one day i said to myself "that girl needs her own clothing line". then voila! poof! a few weeks later i checked out her blog and megan nieslen collection privee had been born!

now let me tell you - it's gorgeous, fun and totally megan. i can't wait to see the new lovelies she's going to come out with for the fall. the best thing about megan's site is you can purchase fab clothing from her spring collection and her maternity collection or make yourself some with her sewing patterns! yep, you can even make her goodies for yourself at home too! her sewing patterns are geared towards new moms, nursing moms and preggo moms. they are body flattering for all sizes and rumour is she is even working on a few plus size maternity patterns! how she still manages to blog, take care of 2 adorable kiddos (one being a new baby) and her hubby and still post enough fun goodies for the modern preggo mom to fill a good chunk of my recent "maternity sewing tutorial roundup" is beyond me!

(i LOVE the jen lula dress. megan's inspiration was jen lula (who's currently preggers), the writer of one of my fave blogs "jen loves kev". i only wish i had spotted it when i was earlier on in my pregnancy or i would have lived in it.)

so for all you momma's out there looking for some new sewing patterns for nursing, for sleeping or for daywear (or in my case to hide the belly) here ya go! we've got the giveaway for you!

(one of megan's patterns)

*this giveaway is now closed. thanks for all of your entries.*

what's the prize?

2 lucky winners will get 2 patterns of their choice! yippee! of course, i'm jealous...again..haha. these giveaways are seriously killing me :)

how do you enter?

giveaway rules:
- go over and check out megan's sewing patterns (click here), then come back and tell me which 2 you really want to win. i love hearing what you guys choose!
- enter a 2nd time (make sure you leave me a seperate comment for this) by:
a) subscribing to our feed by email or rss (top of sidebar)
b) follow us on "google connect" (on the sidebar) and then leave a comment telling me you did.
- please make sure you leave an email that i can reach you at - this is super important.

*the giveaway is open until sunday, august 1st, at midnight (pacific standard time).

you can find out more about megan on her blog, follow her on facebook and twitter, or shop her collections here.

thanks for the awesome giveaway megan! and thank you for inspiring me and for giving me that extra bit of courage to feel as though i too could make my own clothes - you rock hot mama!

p.s. i'll be announcing the winner of the pink panda giveaway either today or tomorrow depending on how my kiddos are :)