sponsor love - abby sprouts

one of our favorite sponsors "abby sprouts" is offering all luvinthemommyhood readers free shipping in Canada and the States for all orders over $49!!! just enter the code "LuvFreeShip" and get shopping! the code is valid until august 8th, 2010.

also don't forget to follow along on abby sprouts facebook page for special sales and discounts. she's got a deal of the day going on right now and lots of great goodies available with plenty of new ones to come!

for all of you who are new to abby sprouts here's what owner/mom steph says about abby sprouts:

"Abby Sprouts is an earth friendly, eco-conscious and most of all child safe secure online store for today's families. Abby Sprouts products are selected for high quality, low environmental impact, non toxic paints and materials, safety, durability, and most of all, fun. We strive to provide you with economical options too.

After being frustrated with searching for safe products throughout my pregnancy and for my baby I decided the green family needed a place where the leg work was done for them. I select every product Abby Sprouts sells based on earth friendliness, play factor, enjoyment, quality, safety and functionality. I'm a true believer in buying less but buying good quality."

i'm obsessed with the latest new toys that we're using in my house from abby sprouts. i cannot rave enough about the company "green toys". we recently got our happy hands on the following goodies:

"the tea set"

every little girl needs a tea set and what better tea set to play with then one that is made from recycled plastic milk cartons and eco-friendly products! love it! they are a great size, sturdy and look great on her table to boot. they are also dishwasher safe!


perfect for babes 6 months and older but my 3 year old loves it too! the stacker also has some great features - "no center post, no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings. This Stacker is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers which save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions".

you can read more about how green toys are made here and click here to find out the low down on abby sprouts!

p.s. - don't forget fellow victoria mommies, abby sprouts offers free pick-up!