moments in the mommyhood - just one of those days....

this tuesday have just been one of those days.....when nothing goes as planned, you're tired, your head hurts, your toddler won't listen, she won't share with her friends, your condo is hot, your baby won't nap, then the toddler gets a runny faucet nose and doesn't understand not to rub it all over the house and said baby, toddler won't go to sleep for bed till 9, baby later than that, hubby at school after work for final exam, you can't make that phone call you promised to a dear friend that's going through some hard times, you've hardly had dinner and can't drink booze because your breastfeeding, the email inbox is overflowing and there's no time for mom to do her link luv roundup because she is so friggin exhausted. that was my day. can anybody else out there relate?

so here's some pics of the culprits, my adorable girls. i have to say, i was ready for a big ol'rant when i sat down to write this but just looking at these made me feel ten times better. it feels as though it's been a long summer, a lot of good, but also a lot of new adjustments for the whole family. looking at these made me feel truly blessed and so very thankful for my girls and the hubs (luv you). but that aside, we all have those crappy mom days when we are mortified that there is a fly on the wall who is going to whisper all your secrets about those "not so proud" mommy moments we all have. i had a few today. but i'm off to bed, as i schedule this post, to try to erase some of those moments and to curl up with some good ol'project runway reruns to ease the inner bi*ch in me :)

have you been having any bad mommy days lately? let's all make each other feel better. i know there are a lot of you out there that are single moms, or moms who's hubbies are away, overseas, working a lot and not home (mine) and it always makes me feel better when we can all give each other a little pick me up and some support to get through "one of those days".

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