moments in the mommyhood - thank you's

i thought a bit more of a light hearted post was in order today after the chaos that ensued after my post yesterday :) so what better way to lighten the mood than some cute shots of both my girls. especially one where the oldest feels pretty & beautiful, free to dance and sing, and wear a pretty new frock.

mack was super excited to get a parcel in the mail containing her new hankie dress from the etsy shop "chopstix". jenny of the "southern institute of domestic arts & crafts" so sweetly whipped up one for my darling girl, and even asked for her color choices and hankie pick. needless to say my daughter loves it and she feels like a princess in it. to me that's all that matters. that special twinkle in her eye and that giant smile on her face - it's priceless. so thank you jenny, for brightening up our day, and for giving us a special handmade lovely for my daughter to treasure that she knows was made just for her. it truly is a gift :)

i've got a few more thank you's to throw out there but will be spreading them out over the next week or so. you ladies out there in this wonderful and friendly blogging community spoiled us rotten when harper was born and i just can't resist showing off our goodies and of course, your talents.

yesterday was a pretty long day (thanks gisele) and a long night (harper's teething already - bah), so i'm sorry for a shorter post, i'll make up for it in my "weekend wishes" tomorrow.

what's your favorite handmade gift you received? fave one to gift to someone? how's your day? i'd love to hear about.

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