etsy monday in the mommyhood

"if life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice."
~ conan o'brien

happy monday everyone! i posted last week about the glass reamer i found and when i was digging around for some more information on it i thought i would pop over to etsy and see if i could spot some more of them. the nice man who sold me the reamer even informed me that there is a national association of reamers and there are many different kinds of reamers.

reamer [ˈriːmə] n. - a utensil with a conical projection used for extracting juice from citrus fruits; lemon squeezer

he had a giant book listing all the reamers and their worth. don't ask me why but i was fascinated! you should have seen all of these reamers - i had no idea! all i knew was i loved the look of them and when they were all set up on his table they were gorgeous. what a lovely collection these would make for someone. i wish i had brought my camera to take a pic. in fact i believe martha herself is a fan of reamers as i saw on the national association of reamers page that a member of theirs collection was in the june 2010 issue of martha stewart living. i can't wait to try mine out but in the meantime i just keep picking it up and staring at it's loveliness. it makes me smile and that makes it worth every penny i paid for it.

do any of you collect reamers (juicers)? any fave type of collection? have some pics you want to share of yours? leave a comment and let us know...then we can all smile together.