pick a color any color - sewing area revamp!

ok ladies, i need your help. you've all heard me moan and groan about my lack of sewing space and the fact that i am in love with a sewing desk given to me by jer's grandma 2 years ago that the hubs keeps promising to refinish and never has. the time has come though, that i am finally putting my plans into action. during our little "project home organization 2010" we decided to reorganize part of our condo to make a separate wall in our place just for my sewing desk & supplies/office. it used to be where our dining room table was. it's now moved and i'm on a sewing organizing spree.

where do you come in? i cannot for the life of me decide what to do with my desk. it used to hold a sewing machine inside it but the the top was broken. we've replaced the top and also have a separate piece of wood to hinge on to the side for when i need more desk space. the top still needs to be sanded and so does the desk if we paint it. i heart the legs and hardware. the only thing i know is that i don't want to change those. i'm open to any other suggestions. so what do you think? blue? white? wallpapered top? painted top? flat? semi-gloss? i will openly admit i am not that much of a diy'er and need some help with this project.

here's the items that i have planned for the space from ikea. the hubs and i had planned to pick them up last weekend when he was over in vancouver but silly bc ferries won't let you put anything in the check in except baggage and it was way too heavy to carry for one guy (he walked on). also friggin ikea (i love you ikea, don't take offence) charges wayyyyyy too much for shipping for us folks on vancouver island. it's seriously outrageous. it was going to cost me more to ship it then all my items combined!!! wtf! so instead of whining about it like a baby, i've now rounded up a few friends and my sis for a girl trip over to the mainland in a few weeks to pick up my new babies. and you all know i will be scoping out the fabrics there while i'm shopping :) how's that for seeing the positive in what would have been a negative!

*i'm thinking top two shelves for fabric, 3rd shelf for the drawers inserts and 4th with the white magazine boxes.

i've been inspired by some pictures recently of rooms that i saw and loved. now don't get me wrong, there are tons and i mean tons of places to get inspiration for sewing rooms and craft rooms. i've seen them. i LOVE looking at them. these were just a few that i drew inspiration from that had systems of organization in them that i felt was doable in my home on a budget.

i fell for anna's (from one of my absolute fave daily reads - "noodlhead") sewing/play room. the hubs had suggested we try the expedit shelving and at first i was against it, but after seeing anna put it to use i was sold.

i also adored the use of the expedit again in different combinations this time in alicia paulson's sewing room. i probably don't need to tell who she is, but just in case, she's the author of 2 wonderful books (stitched in time & embroidery companion) and the writer of the blog "posie gets cozy". if you haven't read them, check them out.

and i couldn't resist showing you a pic from the sewing room that gave me the oomph to even get this process started. the lovely, cozy, corner nook from lindsay of the equally lovely blog "the cottage home".

if i'm being honest, i've been dying to see this room. i've asked lindsay to show it to us before and when it was done, well, i cried. i cried because i wanted a room. a sewing room of my own in my own home. then i realized how selfish i was sounding and that i was lucky i had a healthy, loving family, a roof over my head and that i am able to be home with my babies doing something i'm passionate about. i don't need a house, or a "room" to have a sewing space. i've seen closets and corners transformed and so this is my take on the "sewing area". it was a corner in my rental condo, now it's a wall. i'm excited to see how it turns out and i'm glad you are all here to help me. heck, i'm glad i even have a sewing machine & figured out how to turn it on and load my bobbin 2 years ago.

tell me your thoughts. what do you think i should do with the desk? what's your sewing room look like? any ones that have inspired you? leave a link, comment or tweet me! i wanna see and hear about it :)

p.s. one of my dream things for my new sewing area is a wooden thread holder like the one lindsay has in her room. anyone know where i can get a good one in canada for not too much moula?