moments in the mommyhood - sewing labels, fevers & lots of poop

this was my night tonight. looks calm doesn't it? relaxing even? ha. i wish it had been like that the whole day and actually most of the night. we had our first day of preschool today, immunizations for harper yesterday that left us with a very hyper toddler who wouldn't go to bed till 9pm, and a 4 month old with a fever and let's just say lots of poop. heck, why not throw spit up in there too. yep, it was just one of those days filled with bodily fluids. a few outfits for me, a heckuva lot for harper and then throw in about 6 bibs, 5 burp cloths and 3 receiving blankets and that's prolly what we went through today.

so link luv roundup, i'm sorry. will you ever forgive me? i promise you that you will return soon. life just seems to get in the way on tuesdays..i hope you guys don't mind. i thought the pics above and below might soften the blow. i also wanted a chance to show off my new sewing labels. i asked a ton and i mean a ton of peeps who they use for their sewing labels and it took me about a month to decide who to use and what to put on them. it was a much longer process than i thought it was going to be to design the silly thing. so after a lot of debate and a lot of scrapping bad ones i decided to stick with my little house and luvinthemommyhood. speaking of the little house have you all noticed the little favicon near the url now? so cute isn't it? i'm just happy i finally figured out how the heck to get it there :)

anyhow, back to the labels. i finally decided on an etsy shop called "mommie made it". i highly recommend her. i had heard a lot of good things about her and she was the most recommended to me. she had great customer service, fast turnaround & printing time and i got them from the states in just under a week. needless to say, i love them. i'm more than happy with them and isn't her packaging adorable? love the paper doll set that came with it. mackenzie was sure happy about that! i've already sewn up a few goodies with them on and they look super cute (i'll be showing them on here soon). so if you're looking for labels, don't need like 100,000 and want them for a great price - check out "mommie made it". my budget was not big to get sewing labels so i was happy to get about 140 i think for $30. she also has designs premade for you to choose from and will help with custom work as well. if you decide to pop over and order kindly say i sent you and tell her i said hello :)

any of you having a spit up kind of day? what do you think of the labels - you like? do you use sewing labels? what do yours look like? show me :)

p.s. sorry if this post is badly written...typing while breastfeeding a sick baby is not an easy task...she wouldn't let me type on the laptop easily so i had to write this in little installments as the night went on. it was either that or let my hubby type and that would have taken a lot longer...ahaha, sorry hun, you know i love you.