ikea hangover

ok folks, i made it back home from ikea alive, with baby in tow and a whole lotta loot! only thing is instead of getting home just after dinner we got home a lot later and i am pooped! shopped out, ferried (sp?) out and ready for bed. so as i type this my lovely hubby is now assembling my new babies for my sewing wall makeover at 10:04pm...so excited, and i'm gonna save my posting till another day and snuggle up in bed. hope you all had a great weekend!

don't forget to get your entry in for your chance to win Cloud9 forest friends flannel fabric (I LOVE), organic wool and all the other sustainable material you need to make your very own cloth diaper and wool diaper cover! the giveaway ends monday at midnight (pacific standard time). this is a kick ass prize ladies....i seriously want it for myself! if you don't cloth diaper and know someone who does, please pass the word along. and while you're at it make sure you check out plum project studio's fabulous online shop filled with the most fabulous organic & sustainable goodies for sewing, knitting, crocheting & embroidery - tell janice i said hello!

what did you do this weekend? anyone else more tired than they were before the weekend started??? have you been to ikea lately?