plum project studio cloth diaper & giveaway!!!!

“What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree?” Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946)

you ladies ready? i'm super excited to introduce you to one of our newest sponsors - plum project studio. let's just say "i luv plum". FABULOUS! plum project studio is "an online shop and design studio offering resources for organic, fair trade and sustainable diy projects." the lovely owner, janice, started plum project studio after the birth of her daughter when she "began to investigate organic and natural materials". this crafty momma "found these materials were scarce, finished organic goods were often expensive and it was sometimes difficult to ascertain what was more relevent, local or organic." thus plum project studio was born.

this online & brick/mortar shop is near and dear to my heart because it's canadian, in british columbia and in my old stomping grounds of vancouver! i swear if i still lived there janice would not be able to get me out of the store. heck, she would have to drag me out all wrapped in those yummy yarns and lovely bolts of fabric. how could you not want to hang out there? plus you can sew there, or knit, or embroider or crochet and take classes! are you kidding me? wanna meet me there later? i'll just take the ferry over. you'll find me in the corner, drooling and wishing i had free range of my small budget to spend to my hearts content. that's ever gonna happen.

so in the meantime let's's a peek at plum project studio...come on in....

nice hey? since some of us can't go there, let's all hang out together at the online shop instead :) you should see what she's got over there! wow! talk about sustainability from start to finish - plum project studio has got you covered. from organic clothing and hankettes made locally, sustainable notions, buttons, yes buttons & even thread! there's fabric, yarn, needles & tools too! some of the fantastic designers she carries are cloud9 fabrics, daisy janie, birch fabrics, FLUF design and mod green pod. patterns from oliver +s, sew liberated and many others for knitting, embroidery, crochet and sewing! you can also purchase stylish project packs. talk about easy shopping -that's how i like it! you can also find schedules for classes, book studio time and customized sessions.

sounds great right? well it get's even better! plum project studio is doing a giveaway for us! yippee! the giveaway is based around the free cloth diaper and wool cover patterns from


what's the prize:

ohhhhh, i'm drooling....

0.6 m of Cloud9's Organic Cotton Flannel in the new Forest Friends line in winner's color choice. Cloud9's flannel is 100% certified organic cotton printed with low impact dyes. It is minimally processed with double brushing on the face and single brushing on the underside, and uses no chemical whiteners and brighteners, softeners or finishes. As such, each printed or dyed fabric can have a slightly unique hand/feel and shrink rate. Flannel's open weave construction allows for greater than usual shrinkage. Through tests, they've found that theirs can vary anywhere between 3%-5%, depending on the print. If shrinkage is an issue and/or you are grouping various prints, it's highly recommended that you pre-wash and -shrink the fabric before cutting.

0.6 m of organic cotton terry 13oz, 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton Towel Cloth and 60" wide.

Craft size organic cotton batting is just as thin as the 100% organic cotton batting (1/8" thick), but the scrim binding allows for machine or hand quilting up to 10" apart. This batting comes with complete washing and care instructions. Extremely clean with normal shrinkage of 3-5% comparable to other battings. The organic cotton in this batting is grown and certified in the US. 36" x 45.

1 m of Foldable Elastic, sold by the metre, 15 mm (5/8" inch) foldover elastic is the softest fold over elastic! It can be used on diaper covers to form a supersoft binding that allows for gentle elasticity without being scratchy or uncomfortable for the baby. The elastic has a foldable centre which allows you to fold it in half over fabric and sew it onto the fabric while gently stretching it to allow for a neat fit. wool diaper cover pattern (free online) with one skein of o-wool, organic, bulky weight yarn. Legacy Bulky is big and beautiful. It has a lovely, billowy loft but remains sturdy. Legacy Bulky is made from soft and beautiful 100% certified organic merino wool.

how to enter:

1) pop on over to plum project studio and let me know what yarn or fabric you're craving!

for extra entries:

2) subscribe to luvinthemommyhood & comment you did.
3) follow us on google connect & comment you did.
4) tweet about plum project studio and comment you did.

rules of the giveaway:

- you must leave a contact email address to enter or you will be disqualified.

- giveaway is open until september 27th, midnight (pacific standard time).

also, all luvinthemommyhood readers can enjoy 15% their purchase until the end of september. all you have to do is use the code "mummyluv15" at the checkout. also plum project studio always offers free shipping on any orders over $100!

ok, my drool has now flooded this post! you all better relish in this one for me cause this is a great prize!

i have also seriously learned so much from her blog. have any of you felt a bit overwhelmed before about all the differences in all the new types of organic and sustainable products available out there now? i have! well fear not, janice has got some great posts on the studio blog to help us all out. here's the ones i bookmarked that helped me out tons!

"fabric selection", "fibre 101: organic, sustainable, fair trade", "bamboo, corn or soy fibres", "dyes", "eco-interfacing", and "fibre care".

so start dreaming, get those creative juices flowing, head on over to the plum project studio and take the next step in your crafting journey - sustainability. i'll be there right alongside of you.

you can also find plum project studio on facebook, twitter and their blog.

thanks for the awesome, kick butt giveaway janice! you rock! you just may have convinced me to whip up some cloth diapers of my own. i mean what baby wouldn't want to be wearing cloud9 organic cotton flannel??? have any of you made your own cloth diapers? what's your fave pattern to use?