moments in the mommyhood - the unicorn has arrived

the unicorn has arrived (you all remember the post about the unicorn fairy princess horn i made). who knew that unicorn fairy princess costumes actually existed and not just my paper towel roll makeshift horn. i sure didn't. but man am i glad they do, cause how cute is this???? seriously! i can't stop making her put it on and run around in it and yes, i will openly admit that i put the head on and ran around with it on as well - how could you not? i think every little girl must have thought about being a unicorn at least once in her life.

it even has fairy wings, a mane and all! only request from mack is for a my little pony style applique of a flower on the body - no problem! gotta love a girl who asks for applique!

i've been feeling the need for some stillness and time to just sit and stare at my girls. harper is growing up way too fast. she's changing by the day and has the best laugh ever. this girl has got a chuckle squeal that could entertain me for hours. she also loves to sing. in the car, in her bed, on the boob, doesn't matter, she sings. we also found out she love michael buble - who knew?

this week has a been a very long one in our house. i've been working on the side lines for a fun post that will be up next month on sew mama sew!!! yep, that's right! can you hear me squealing with delight! i danced a jig and called about 3 people when i found out that i get to guest blog over on sew mama sew. oh, and did you see my pretty new button on the sidebar...the one that says "sew mama sew board member"? ahhhhh, joy. i'll fill you in on the reason for that another time, but for now, i'll just say that i am one busy momma! you'll also be seeing me later next week on "made" for part of dana's "celebrate yellow" as well. fun!

so how does one momma take care of a 3 1/2 year old who is starting preschool, ballet and a few other activities, a 4 month old, a hubby, laundry, chores, reorganizing the house, her blog, extra posts for others and stay sane??? i do not know....could someone tell me? when do i find time to sew? to sleep? i would love the inside secret. too many late nights for me. i've still been feeling not so great so fighting everything and staying up late working has been taking it's toll. i need a vacay :) or an iv filled with coffee hooked up to me first thing in the am...haha.

how's your week been? any of you fighting the new routines that september brings? what are your kids dressing up for this halloween - i love hearing costume ideas!