sewing area revamp part two - blue for me, blue for you

ok, so we all know i went to ikea and literally had a serious case of retail therapy. my total wasn't too bad but i did use up my whole budget for my sewing wall revamp. it was exciting, but then again, you all know ikea is exciting, especially when you have to take a ferry and drive to get to the closest one.

i'm now in the nitty gritty of the revamp (read part one of the sewing area revamp here). things need to be assembled and they need to get organized...the right way...haha. the hubby has now learned his lesson about not reading the instructions. i've got fabric everywhere, notions, boxes, scraps, batting...etc that all needs a home. i ended up getting the following items (some extras & of course more fabric) and now have to decide what to put where. i'm thinking of the following:

my question for you all is how to display the fabric? how do you organize your fabric? folded, piled, stacked or on mini bolts? i'm thinking of using all the leftover cardboard from my ikea purchases to wrap the fabric around like bolts and then organzie them on the shelves. what do you guys think?

as for the desk, i'm feeling very torn. here's what my desk looks like now...

one part of my gemini personality wants to be daring and paint it my fave color of blue while the other part thinks that painting it all white is the way to go. maybe a comprimise? blue desk - white top? or white desk - blue drawers?

image source

what do you guys think? share your tips and wisdom...this diy stuff is proving to be trickier than i thought. i can see what i want visually in my head but i need your guy's help to actually make it a reality. are any of you revamping your sewing area as well? link up, share a pic, comment below, i need inpsiration :)