moments in the mommyhood - all tangled up

mackenzie and i had a mommy/daughter day this weekend. the hubs watched harper and we went out to see tangled in 3d! it was mack's first time ever going to the movies and she was sooo good. we had so much fun and we both loved the movie. i think it was the perfect first movie to go see, it was a happy go lucky, music & laugh filled romp. not too scary like of some of the animated movies that have come out lately. plus mack loves rapunzel.

we had popcorn, snuggled in our seats, donned our 3D glasses and had lots of giggles. it was great watching her try to reach out and touch some of the 3D special effects, even i got caught up in it all. we've really been focusing on mack having lots of daddy one on one time and had completely forgotten about how she might feel to just have time with momma. it was nice and much needed for the two of us to do something different and fun together.

if you read friday's weekend wishes post you know how i feel about snow, but man, how can you resist how much she loves it? too cute. it was sure fun to see the pics that the hubby took of her enjoying our recent snowfalls. i was more than happy to hear her tales of wonder and be the one to warm her up and ohhh and awe over the pics with and not be the one outside freezing cold :)

did you see the owie on her head? i forgot to mention last week that during my blogging break my poor little wee one ran straight into the corner edge of our wall - hard. it was so loud i thought for sure she had just run a toy car into it or something. i never thought it would have been her head. needless to say she cut it right open and these pics are of it all almost healed up. i tell ya it's not fun to see that much blood from your child, especially when you are braless and in your pj's. both the girls were in pj's still and i just panicked. i had managed to get the bleeding under control & call my husband, but i have to admit i was freaking out. i had no idea how i was going to carry a 3 1/2 year old who's screaming, a 6 month old baby who's screaming, get my bra on, go down 4 floors in the elevator, walk to our underground parkade and then drive to the ER. not gonna happen. luckily my husband's coworker came to the rescue and drove him straight home so we could drive the girls to the hospital. she was very brave, got all fixed up and is no worse for wear. i wish i could say the same for myself...haha. i'm a bit traumatized and keep wanting to cry whenever i look at her little head.

how was your weekend? do anything fun? do you plan special one on one trips with your kids? what do you do with them to make it special? happy monday! get your cuppa joe or tea and let's chat :)

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