moments in the mommyhood - whatcha been up to?

october has seemed to fly by. the blog was filled with lots of crafty goodness which didn't leave room for a lot of updates as to how we are doing with our new family of four. our baby girl harper is almost 6 months old already, oh how it hurts my heart. instead of weeping on here though about how big she is already and how i cleaned out a huge garbage bag filled of clothes that she's grown out of and the fact that she is trying to crawl but would rather stand & walk, laughs, says dada and is just plain growing the way babies do, i'll just let you ogle some pics of my gorgeous girl.

she's quite the happy baby (knock on wood) until she can't get what she wants. i fear this is gonna come to haunt me later but for now we're all good. i have some serious sleep training to do that i've been putting off. she's a great sleeper and sleeps through the night but she likes to fall asleep on the boob. she falls asleep for her naps no problem without boob when we are out, but at home, forget it. she wants her mama. i'm thinking it's time to nick that in the bud before i go down the same path i did with her sister.

speaking of her sister, mackenzie started preschool and is loving it. she's quite the big girl now and busy, busy, busy. i can't keep up with this kid. she wears me out. i swear that sometimes harper and i just sit and stare at her as she bounces off the walls...haha. oh well, she keeps us entertained.

we've been enjoying fall around victoria. the leaves everywhere make for a gorgeous season in our pretty city. i especially love the feeling of wanting to just cozy up with my 2 girls and snuggle with a good movie (loved toy story 3), a cup of hot chocolate, my knitting and the fireplace on. we even closed the blinds today during a windstorm and just kept it all snug as a bug in a rug inside.

on the sewing front here's what i recently made.

she's my new best friend. i had been meaning to make one since "tea cup month" on the site here, but time just didn't allow. i finally got to it though after a friend of mine inspired me when i saw her knitted version (thanks amy!). i used the "house on hill road" tutorial and it was very easy to follow and super fun to make. let's just say there are a ton of these being made for xmas pressies this year! i also noticed that about a week after i made mine starbucks is now selling there own "knockoff handmade" cup cozies. they had some with snaps and some with buttons. honestly though, as much as i love their coffee, i wouldn't buy a cozy from them. support your local artisans or etsy shops. handmade with love is much nicer than from a factory overseas :)

and now, i'd like to introduce you to my new ready? sure?.....she's awfully she is, right smack dab in the middle!

yep, can you believe it! i found another of the pyrex dishes in the turquoise! doesn't she look pretty with my other girls - blue sue (the bottom) and fate kate (the top). if you are new to the blog i name my pyrex, i know it's weird, but hey, we all have our quirks! she was rescued from a local thrift shop for the steal price of $6! i couldn't believe it. she's in great condition and even had the lid!!! let me tell you - i skipped out of that store whistling a merry tune!

i've also had my eye out for some fun secondhand bookends and fell in love with these wood carved ones from a new fave consignment shop in town. it had oodles of lovely things just begging to be taken home and these won out. i got a pair, real wood for $5! you like? they are up on the shelf in the new "sewing wall" revamp...don't worry, pics and posts to come soon!

what have you all been up to? how are your kiddos? i know there are a few of you who just had babies and/or are due any day now! any thrifting/vintage finds you guys have scooped on lately? leave me a comment, let's chat, share your pics & your thoughts!

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