moments in the mommyhood - is it december already?

i finally picked a wreath! after a lot of hours, some tweets, facebook conversations and also discussions with my 3 1/2 year old we decided to go with the paper leaf wreath. i saw a version of this over on sweet paul (get ready to drool if you go visit) and loved it's simplicity immediately. i also loved that it was made with materials i had at home. the base of the wreath was made from cardboard from my recycle bin and the leaves are paper. easy peasy. mack loves it. i haven't figured out how to hang it on our door yet so the leaves lay nicely so in the meantime it looks fabulous on our wall. i think i would miss it if i put it out in the hall on our door anyways - don't worry, we're in a condo, i'm not planning on testing this wreath out on the elements. you can find the tutorial i used here and our big wreath roundup from last week here. what do you think? you likey?

we had a busy, yet short weekend. i got absolutely zero sewing time and almost zero knitting time. i then realized today what the date was and seriously almost had an anxiety the heck did it get to be this far into december already? i'm way behind. with the hubs doing school at night and work during the day i am alone most days and i only get one day on the weekend with him home to try to get any semblance of good sewing time in let alone stay sane and get a bit of a break from the kids. this saturday though was filled with a ballet recital and lots of christmas goodness. we put up our tree and rearranged the living room. the living room part wasn't planned and took up the rest of our day. it was worth it though, we love it. hopefully i'll post some pics soon, i've got a fun granny square bunting i made to show you all.

wondering how my "sewing wall revamp" is coming along? it's not..hahaha. the desk still has to be painted and a few weeks ago my fabric was all folded nicely. now the ironing board monster has taken over. you all know what i mean right? i don't know why but i cut my fabrics on my ironing board. i put my mat up there and cut and iron away. now it's also become my catch all for all the projects i'm working on..and there's a lot. i think my craft supplies are having a party because now the knitting is hanging out there and today i found some crochet's having a good time in amongst the chaos as well. i think they are conspiring for the next comfy sews VS cozy knits.

harper has been growing like a weed. our little girl is now 6 1/2 months old and weighing almost 16lbs, has two teeth and loves peas. yes, the feeding has begun. i didn't enjoy this phase with mackenzie but it's been a bit easier with mackenzie. not sure why, but i think it may be the comfort of knowing what i'm doing this time round. we'll see. she's inch worming on her back around the house, crawling in her weird way but mostly she just wants to run. she's now standing whenever she can. pulling herself up on anything so she can stand and then let go and showing me how she can hold herself up. the crib is her fave place for workouts. i turn around and she's just standing there laughing with hands up in the air, meanwhile i'm having a heart attack! the little thing just loves it! i'm scared she's just gonna sprint across the room! i seriously think she's just going to skip fully crawling and just walk.

what's new in your house? any milestones with the kiddos? any of you make a wreath yet? so many readers just had little ones recently i just wanted to congratulate you all on your new precious bundles of joy...enjoy this time while you can and i wish you happiness and of course......sleep....and lots of it :)

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